Our Production Process


To current and future customers-we are here, open and operating!  

If you have not been in contact, need to cancel your order, or need to contact us at anytime, please use us the contact us form at the bottom of the page. 

We appreciate the influx and continued of support during/through the recent world pandemic; its unforeseen effects, have caused delays. Each order directly supports American jobs here in Oceanside CA, since 2005. The entire staff continues to work diligently to produce new tactical gear as ordered, for you. We send email updates as we pass through each phase, giving a little insight on our production process, before mailing our handcrafted work to you. Your time in this process is not forgotten or left to the wayside. We understand and strive to bring you reliable, rugged, tactical gear. We also supply our Marine Corps, Army Air Force Exchange Stores if you are needing gear on hand. Thank you for your orders and support during these unprecedented times and unforeseen effects of CV19. 

BDS Tactical holds a high standard for our equipments quality and ruggedness.

To ensure that our gear meets that standard without monstrous prices, we make every piece of equipment by hand, on demand here in Oceanside, CA. So when you place an order with BDS Tactical Gear you will receive a piece of gear that was made JUST FOR YOU! Simple items such as slings and belts are made on a dedicated production line and are typically built and shipped within one week.

You can rest easy knowing your equipment is being guided through our production process by men and women who take pride in their work and our products, and that you are paying a fair price from a company committed to keeping our gear affordable and accessible. Once placed, your order will enter a proven and efficient production process, and you will be informed as it passes through the following phases before it ships:

Our Production Process:

Production Phase 1

During Phase 1, your order is processed and checked for accuracy. Once confirmed, the order will be placed in line. Finally, a list of required materials and hardware will be prepared, and material cut patterns for the order will be digitally plotted using the latest software.


Production Phase 2

During Phase 2, all materials required for your order are pulled and cut. Hardware (Buckles, Loops, D-Rings, and more) is gathered from our warehouse, webbing is cut to size and quantity, and our automated table cuts patterns out of rolls of 1000 Denier Cordura nylon. If necessary, we can still cut patterns of material in sheets by hand. Once completed, all of the materials are grouped together for your order and sent to be sewn.

Production Phase 3

During this longest production phase, the item(s) ordered will be sewn and assembled by our experienced production staff. While this process may take the longest, this phase is where your equipment order turns from concept into reality, and where we take the most care to ensure our standards for quality and durability are met. Only one more stage of production remains once Phase 3 is completed.

Final Phase 4
In this fourth and final phase, your order is cleaned of IP's and any remaining buckles, buttons, or straps are added.

Our quality control staff reviews the equipment to ensure quality, durability, and accuracy, and sends the order to our shipping department to be packaged and sent on its way to your front door.

The Advantage

We are honored to manufacture tactical equipment that front line end users can depend on. Further, we are committed to keeping the equipment you need affordable, accessible, and most importantly, mission adaptable. Rather than stocking material and equipment, BDS Tactical keeps costs down by ordering exactly what is needed for our current production schedule. By cutting our production costs, we can extend our savings to you. In short, BDS Tactical is all about high speed, low drag production.

We have set out to make undeniably rugged and adaptable gear for the modern warfighter, and we will continue to relentlessly pursue that goal right here in Oceanside, CA.