Quality Rifle Slings

If you are in search of quality tactical rifle slings, you've come to the right place. BDS is proud to offer tactical slings of combat ready quality. All our rifle slings for sale, just like our other quality tactical gear, are Made in the USA. In addition, our tactical slings come with a Lifetime Warranty, so you know when you purchase a BDS product like our tactical weapon slings, you're getting a product with uncompromising quality.

Types Of Rifle Slings For Sale

We have in store quality fully adjustable single-point  and three-point slings, enhanced dual slings and 100% ACU (Army Combat Uniform) CQB (Close Quarters Battle) slings.

Rifle Sling Features

Our enhanced dual slings can be easily and quickly adjusted from single-point to dual-point rifle slings. Depending on model, a rapid adjustable Cam Buckle and Side Release Buckle is attached to the rifle sling for quick adjustment, and detachment of the rifle sling. Our tactical rifle slings also come in a variety of colors. For added comfort, we also offer padded rifle slings.