• BDS Tactical Dual Sling
BDS Tactical Dual Sling
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BDS Tactical Dual Sling

BDS Tactical Dual Sling
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The BDS Tactical Dual Sling is universal and can be attached to most assault rifles and shotguns.  The rear snap hook connects to the rifle receiver end plate, rear swivels, or stock. The front connects to multiple types of mounts at the front of the weapon. 

Our Dual Sling allows for both single-point and two-point sling configurations, and has a rapid sling length adjustment system for both Fixed length and Quick length adjustments. In the two-point configuration the sling attaches to front and rear sling attach points.  

To configure the sling to single-point, remove the snap hook from the front attach point and secure it to the metal D-Ring above the quick detach fastex buckle. The Dual Sling is made of the high quality materials for strength, durability, and comfort.

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Sling too long by R Wells 07 Apr 2015
These slings are very well made, but too long in both configurations. Pulled quick release tab as far as it would go to shorten the sling and the rifle still nearly drags the ground.
very useful by Jonathan from Armed Forces Europe United States
24 Nov 2010
This sling is very useful, it only takes moving a clip to change from 2-point to a 1-point. Then as a 1-point it has a clip for quick release and attachment.The strap to tighten and loosen works very well. I recommend the padded one for a little more rigidity so it's not flimsy and twisted up when you sling it on. The plastic retainer next to the clip came loose a few times so i just kept a little extra slack and re-ran it through the clip and then the other side of the plastic retainer again; no more problems at all.Very useful style.
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