• BDS Tactical Universal Drop leg Holster
  • BDS Tactical Universal Drop leg Holster
BDS Tactical Universal Drop leg Holster
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Universal Drop Leg Holster

BDS Tactical Universal Drop leg Holster
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BDS Tactical Universal Drop leg Holster
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The BDS Tactical Gear Universal Drop Leg Holster is designed to fit military and civilian semi-automatic pistols such as the Beretta 92, All Glocks, and the H&K USP and USPC's. The pistol is designed to be easily converted for use with different weapon system to include those with illumination and laser devices.The holster is made of 1000 Denier Cordura, heavy duty webbing and premium hook/loop material for extreme durability.To fit the handgun to the universal drop leg holster first fit the barrel length by adjusting the internal muzzel stop.  Then close the hook  flap around the holster for the width of the slide and the trigger guard.  To keep the fit of your holster, secure the 2? hook and loop holster strap.  Last, adjust the thumb break tight and your holster is ready for use. 

There are multiple mounting options for the holster.  The holster has a Split Hanger design.  This design has two fully adjustable 1" hangers that can be mounted onto a belt or hung off a rig  The 1" Hangers are PALS compatible and come with quick detach buckles.  The Split hanger design allows for better stability when worn and.
This product is made 100% Made in Oceanside, California USA and comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

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Very satisfied by Michael Norkett from Washington United States
27 Nov 2017
As always very pleased. Production time was accurate. Received an email every step of the production as said. Holster is very durable. I would recommend this product.
Love this holster!!! by Jason from North Carolina United States
12 May 2015
I have multiple different pistols of different sizes and types and this thing fits them all!!! One holster to carry them all. Saves money, time and space.
Great Holster by BF34787 from Florida United States
22 Sep 2014
Great workmanship and I like knowing this holster was manufactured just for me. Will order more products from BDS soon. Thanks!
great holster! by Ben from WA United States
30 Apr 2014
I originally got this holster to be used as a standard drop leg rig. as my kit evolved, I started to dislike the whole leg-rig setup. Luckily, this holster is more modular than I first thought, and I just detached the belt loops, and leg strap, and used the main loop to attach it to my battle belt. good secure fit, haven't had the problems with snaps that another guy had. This holster has held up for 3 years, and shows no signs of wearing out any time soon. Improvement: the thumb-break would be easier to manipulate if it was a LITTLE (.5" or so) longer.
Excellent!!! Some room to evolve. by Christopher 12 Oct 2013
I can say with confidence that this holster gives me the advantage when my life depends on it. It has quickly become my duty holster for tactical call outs. I had mine custom made as a combination of a fully removable holster with 2 by 3 pals so I can mount it on my vest if need be and use the footprint for other gear. Hence it is extremely adaptable not only for various weapons, but various applications. I have the jump bungee so that I can quickly secure my weapon when the fighting is done and the emergency medical care becomes my primary focus. I carry a full size HK usp 45 with light and it fits like a glove. However, my recommendations for improvement would be that with my weapon there isn't much slack left to wrap the fasten strap back around the holster to 100% secure the wrap around. I would say there is about half an inch left and that is a very slim margin when considering the demanding situations I put this holster through. Secondly, the thumb break has no inner layer of nylon and so the back side of the snap always rubs against the slide of my weapon causes a horrible screech like nails on a chalkboard. Great way to let people know you are coming. Third, and worst of all, the inner stitching along the spine is cut off exactly where my front sight is located. Every time I draw the front sight snags on the nylon overhang and is totally trapped. I had to replace my front sight with a smaller version, melt that area together on the spine, and loosen the wrap strap (which already has very little excess). Altogether, I would recommend this holster to any LEO or military professional to be there for you when you need it. With a few improvements it will be the perfect tactical duty holster.

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