• BDS Tactical Sniper Chest Rig
  • BDS Tactical Sniper Chest Rig
BDS Tactical Sniper Chest Rig
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BDS Tactical Sniper Chest Rig

BDS Tactical Sniper Chest Rig
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BDS Tactical Sniper Chest Rig
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Butt Stock Non-Slip Upgrade:+

Bungee Retention Upgrade:+

The BDS Tactical Sniper Chest Rig  has a capacity of up to (12) M16/M4 magazines or up to (8) M14 magazines.  The front of the chest rig features four magazine pouches with three rows of PALS webbing for attaching modular pouches.   A strip of 2" loop lies above the magazine pouches for attaching ID patches or for holding the magazine lids open.
Both sides of the rig feature a large zippered utility pouch.  The left side pouch includes a sewn-on double pistol magazine pouch with side release buckle closure, while the right side has a sewn-on 7.62 pouch that holds up to 16 loose rounds with elastic loops.

The entire body of the chest rig has storage capability and can be accessed with a zipper at the top of the chest rig body.
Bib (Included)

The optional bib opens across the top for additional storage.

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Sniper Chest Rig Items by Ed K from NC 20 Dec 2012
This is one of the finest Rigs I have ever put on!! It has all you could want & still has more to give!! OK, a FEW, just a few problems. When you are getting into the Rig & no one is close by to assist, problem, BIG problem! It is almost impossible to reach the upper buckle! I have twisted, turned, cussed, slammed my fist into the wall & all I got was a pain in the wrist! I can't leave the upper buckle fastened, I tried, doesn't work. If anyone has a remedy PLEASE send it! Second problem is there aren't enough selections for the back panel. I took the H2O route & used my own bladder. I would have preferred having the option of using the rear panel of your large plate carrier. It's wider, easier to get to, (that solves the problem I pointed out above)! I would have preferred having a choice of what went on the outside of the two pouches. The pistol mag pouch on the left is good but I would have selected another style mag pouch. On the right I would have put another two pistol mag pouches. I never use single rounds when I go to the "Big Stick", all 20 are always loaded in mags. As far as I remember I never had the option of the shoulder pads you now show on this Rig!! I would love to have the channels to route radio wires & H2O tubes!!
BEST RIG EVER! by Johhny T. Smitts 30 Jun 2011
I am really impressed with this chest rig!I bought this rig with the 308 insert pads so now it holds either 12 30rd AR mags or 8 20rd M14 mags.It has a dual pistol mag pouch sewn on as well as a pouch for my spare 7.62 rounds.The large GP pouches hold all my misc. items(gloves,medical,admin,etc)also the internal admin pouch is a big help with my pens and notebook/maps.I got the hydration carrier upgrade with it as well.This rig has everything I need and then some.It took 4 weeks to get to my door.The gear is made to order due to the upgrades they offer and it is well worth the wait.Made in the USA,can't complain about that.All in all BDS has hooked me up with an awesome rig and I will be ordering a new pack from them soon.
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