• BDS Tactical Simple Stacker Chest Rig
  • BDS Tactical Simple Stacker Chest Rig
BDS Tactical Simple Stacker Chest Rig
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BDS Tactical Simple Stacker Chest Rig

BDS Tactical Simple Stacker Chest Rig
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BDS Tactical Simple Stacker Chest Rig
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Butt Stock Non Slip Option:+

Magazine Retention Options:+

The BDS Tactical Simple Stacker Chest Rig is made of 1,000 denier Cordura and is designed to be low profile. The rig can accommodate up to six GI magazines. The whole rig is layered with pals webbing for attaching additional modular pouches. Our Simple Stacker Chest Rig features 4-point adjustable Cross Back Shoulder Straps and comes standard with a bib that is perfect for attaching modular pouches

The bib opens at the top for additional storage and can be folded down out of the way when not in use.

A heavy duty #10 zipper opens the chest rig above the magazine pouches for extra storage.

Optional Bungee Retention Lids

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Awesome Rig by Derick from Virginia United States
07 Feb 2011
I purchased this rig back in December(2010) and have been very impressed on how well this rig holds up. The only reason I can't rate this an entire 5 stars is partially on my part. The chest bib is an awesome additional feature but I wish there was a place to secure it behind the rig itself. I know I had the choice of not putting it on there but It's better to have it I believe. I play with my kit everyday to maxamize comfortability and to keep it mission ready. This week I took 2 safety pins and secured it to the backside of the rig. And now I have the rig itself sitting to where the top of the magazines are just covering my nametape and almost to my rank on my IOTV. I also have the bladder carrier added to the rig. I have it and the rig itself sitting almost as high as it can go and I have to say it's the most comfortable rig I've used yet with an IOTV. There is so many configurations you can do with the molle on here. I LOVE the low profile design and also the ability to add additional pouches. BDS has really impressed the boys in my platoon enough to where 4 other guys ordered rigs for themselves from BDS...Needless to say BDS will have my business again...Keep it up!
Extremely modular, no-nonsense rig. by jopoco 28 Apr 2010
I've had this rig for about three years now and it has stood up to a lot of abuse. The magazine layout allows you to keep as low a profile as possible when wearing body armor and the webbing allows you to mount anything you might need. With the new modifications you can do retroactively or at initial purchase, this set-up is ideal.
A couple of draw-backs: with the standard back, putting on and adjusting the side straps is near impossible by yourself when using body armor. The padding on the shoulder straps is unnecessary with body armor and the sippered pouch behind the magazines is not very functional or accessible when mounted on body armor, due to tension. Both add unnecessay bulk.
Overall, this is a great piece of equipment. I have, and do, highly recommend it to anyone looking to maintain a low profile and still have a very modular platform to customize for various types of missions.
Great product. by alexander from California United States
07 Mar 2010
I got this product when i got back from iraq. For my workup to afghanistan i have been using it and breaking it in. some of the problems I have with it though are the very left and right mag pouches are very tight for your magazines. I am using PMAGs so it is quiet hard to get a mag in and out. Even with standard GI mags it is quiet difficult.
Excellent Combat Rig by Argyris M from California United States
06 Feb 2010
I wrote a full review with pictures of my rig.


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