• BDS Tactical V-OPS TITAN Chest Rig
BDS Tactical V-OPS TITAN Chest Rig
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BDS Tactical V-OPS TITAN Chest Rig

BDS Tactical V-OPS TITAN Chest Rig
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The BDS Tactical Gear V-OPS TITAN  chest rig allows the operator the ability to fully customize their rig to suit their individual needs. With multiple "zones" of customization, you can select your combat load out, side options, bib option and back options. You may also order the rig as a fully modular platform so that you may change the load out as the mission dictates.
The Titan chest rig is our largest platform with the addition of a  row of hook/loop material across the top and an additional row of PALS webbing on the side panels.

Check customize yours for current color selections

The low profile chest bib option has 3x4 PALS, internal storage and hook & loop for name tapes or patches mounts on to the chest rig base and shoulder pads.
The 4 mag & 8 Mag "Platform" & "Stacker" magazine pouches have PALS webbing on the front and feature adjustable/removable lids that secure with a snap and hook & loop.
The "Patrol" Style magazine pouches secure with hook & loop and a side release buckle.
Integrated Hydration Systems:
For hydration capability an Integrated Hydration Carrier and shoulder pads can be purchased to replace the standard shoulder pads. The Hydration back panel is padded against the body for comfort and has a zippered opening. the hydration pouch fits up to a 100oz bladder and has PALS webbing on the front with a strip of 2" loop fastener. Shoulder pads on the Integrated Hydration Carrier have 1/2" closed cell foam and PALS webbing. We also added an elastic band on the shoulder pads for securing the drinking tube of the hydration bladder.

The HydroBull Pak Bak is the ultimate hybrid back panel hydration day pack. The entire exterior is covered in PALS webbing for attaching modular pouches. This snap in upgrade integrates with all BDS Tactical Chest Rigs

When your chest rig is not needed the Pak Bak can be detached from the rig and quickly converted to a small hydration day pack (Shoulder Straps Included). The main zippered compartment is 8.5? x 17.5? x 5? and has a sleeve for a 100 oz. hydration bladder (Included). The two large zippered cargo pouches provide a total of 1084 sq inches of storage. The fully adjustable padded shoulder straps fit over body armor.

Note: The 100 oz. bladder is an optional upgrade in the Integrated Hydration carrier and Pak Bak and is sold separately.

Body Side Option

The Enhanced Body Side Upgrade adds 2 flat pockets which are great for putting a radio inside. The pocket secures with bungee retention. These two pockets are located on both sides of the rig.

In the middle inside of the body side panel is a flat pocket with loop fastener on the inside. This pouch is used for the included adjustable holster or can be used for extra storage when holster is removed.
Optional Internal Admin Pouch
An internal Admin pouch can be sewn inside the zippered chest rig body to organize administrative items.
Optional Non-Slip Butt Stock Retention Pad
We offer a Butt Stock Non Slip Retention Pad which has 1/4" closed cell foam for added comfort and the front of the pad has a textured rubberized material to keep the butt stock pressed against the shoulder.The Butt Stock Non Slip Retention Pad mounts to the PALS webbing on either shoulder pad.

Suggested Configurations

V-OPS Titan custom chest rig.  Selected options include a 12 mag stacker 5.56 center combat load, bib, right and left side zippered GP pouches, back option a PakBak! 

Product Reviews

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A Beast by Me 18 Aug 2017
If you are looking for a full chest rig this is the one! I am a big guy it fits great. My buddy is average joe works on him too. Perfect mag placement and its not coming off or loosing up! The big works great I use it from time to time when not using just tuck it down. Very impressed with the craftsmanship! Built like a rock. Thank you guys loving it!
good bit of kit by Mark A from South Australia Australia
19 Jun 2015
overall a really good bit of kit that is well made and comfortable to wear. i got my titan with only molle around the rig and the bib upgrade with the modular back so i can customize as required. something that would have made this rig 5 stars for me would be to see the rear adjustments swapped around so the adjustments are pulled forward instead of backwards. it would make cinching the rig up a **** of a lot easier. but apart from that its a nice rig
Sweet Rig! For a big Man by Loren from Illinois United States
28 Jun 2014
This is my first order from BDS, and I am very happy with their service and my Titian chestrig! I am 6'3" tall and weigh 275lb with a 54 inch chest and a 40 inch waist. Finding things that fit are a challenge. I looked through tons of websites and tried on some compeditors vests and chest rigs. I found that most did not fit me, and they were cheaply made. So after a long search I came across BDS, I looked over their gear, and read reviews, and that made my mind up to go with them! I went through all the options for the Titan rig, and since this was a Father's Day present, I gave my wife my order and she placed it for me. I loved the emails as my rig traveled through the production stages. I received a shipping notice, and in three days my rig was in my hands, and that is smoking fast! When I opened the box I was so happy that I did go with BDS, the weight of the rig compared to what I have seen around here was very noticeable. After a close inspection, which I could not even find a thread end loose. It was time for the moment of truth! I slipped it over my head and adjusted the straps and was excited that I had plenty of room to move the rig in any direction I wanted. The modular back was a option I went with, it looks small on me, but works great. Also I chose not to have any permanent pouches on the sides, and just the molly. This leaves me the ability to adapt it to what ever I like. The other options I had chosen, was the bib, admin organizer, and 8 mags in the stacker platform. And I am happy I did. Everything is top notch, and I am very pleased with everything. The only thing so far that I can say negatively about it, is the mag pouches. And that might change once I get it broke in. I found that my Troy Battle mags fit really nice, but my Pmags and Promags are a chore to get them in to the pouches. And they will not fit al the way down in the pouch. I believe that this should loosen up with use, and I would rather have them tight, than loose. As a whole I am very happy with the Titan chest rig, and I would not hesitate to recommend it to a friend.