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> Tactical Assault Vest

BDS Tactical V-OPS Assault Vest

Name: BDS Tactical V-OPS Assault Vest
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$124.95 SAVE $130.05
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Serial Number: VOAV
Manufacturer Name: BDS Tactical / 100% Made in Oceanside, CA

Product Option

Right Center:

Left Center:

Right Side:

Left Side:
PALS_Left-Side-Option jpg.jpg

Right Chest:

Left Chest:

Back Options:

Belt Mount Kit:

Modular Belt Sleeve:

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V-OPS Customizable Zones

  BDS Tactical V-OPS Assault Vest    

The BDS Tactical V-Ops Assault Vest is the industry?s first customizable vest, designed to meet the needs of your specific mission! Constructed by hand here in Oceanside, CA with 1000 Denier Cordura and backed by our lifetime warranty, this rugged and dependable vest can stand up to any test you can find. Choose to create a completely modular vest capable of carrying any of your MOLLE compatible pouches and gear, or select any of the optional upgrades to build your own fully loaded combat vest designed to keep you and your weapon system in the fight. Here?s how it works:

Color Option

First, choose from one of nine different color options, including A-TACS and MultiCam.

Left/Right Center Options

After selecting your color, you?ll be asked to decide what items you want to have sewn on to the center of either side of your vest. With easy access on the front of your vest, this is an ideal place for mag pouches or items you need immediate access to during use. You can choose to have us sew on rows of PALS webbing so you can attach modular pouches of your own, or you can select from a series of combat load outs.

For those looking for a traditional mag pouch with some simple upgrades, we offer 4-Mag Stacker pouches, each capable of carrying (2) 30 round 5.56 magazines. If you?re carrying both a 5.56 rifle and a sidearm, we offer Stacker 1x1 pouches, with a combined carrying capacity of (2) 5.56 mags and (2) pistol mags. For a larger load out, we offer 6-Mag Patrol Pouches, each capable of carrying (3) 30 round 5.56 mags, and featuring a full coverage lid that attaches to the pouch with hook & loop closure and a side release buckle for added retention. Choose to add pistol mags to your Patrol Pouches if you?re planning on a double-carry mission. If you?re fortunate (or unlucky?) enough to carry the M249 SAW, or simply want a quick access dump pouch, we offer the SAW Drum/Spent Mag Pouch. Capable of carrying a standard SAW Drum, the pouch also features a top access elastic slot to allow for spent mags to be inserted on the fly. Finally, you can select our Cross-Draw Universal Holster, complete with single pistol mag pouch. This sewn-on option will allow for an easy cross-draw of virtually any sidearm, including those with tactical lights or lasers.

Left/Right Side Options

Once you?ve selected your center options, you?ll need to determine what you want us to sew on either side of the vest. You can choose to keep a simple PALS webbing panel available for attaching other pouches, or you can upgrade with sewn on items. You can choose between a zippered opening Small GP Pouch with an internal D-ring for dummy cording, or our Modular Medical Pouch with internal elastic loops and pockets for organization.

Left/Right Chest Mounted Options

Next, decide if you?d rather keep the area above your center pouches clear, with a PALS webbing field and loop strip so you can attach your own pouches, nametape, or patches. Or, choose to add a basic Utility Pouch with convenient hook & loop closure to allow access to a great storage area for small tools and items.

Back Option

Once you?ve decided upon your exterior sewn-on upgrades, choose from (2) interchangeable back options to complete your rig. Pick the the Modular Back to accommodate your personal hydration carrier or modular pouches, or, if you know you want the ability to carry larger hydration solutions, select the Integrated Hydration Carrier, designed to fit any 100 oz. Bladder.

Belt Mount Kit

Finally, you can choose to add a sewn on Belt Mount Kit that will allow you to integrate your Assault Vest with a War Belt, adding stability to an already solid product.

Accessory Options

After you?ve selected all your desired sewn-on items and completely customized your own vest, you can choose to add a few items we think work great with the V-Ops Assault Vest. Create your own combat ready set-up with a Padded Modular Belt or the Modular Belt Sleeve, a product that is backwards compatible with most belts on the market and features thigh rig access and attachment points. Add a bladder if you need, choose your production option to decide when you?ll receive your new custom vest, and you?re done!

Suggested Configurations:

Right Center:   SAW Drum Pouch, Left Center: 6 Mag Patrol, Right Side: PALS Webbing, Left Side: PALS Webbing, Right/Left Chest: Small Utility Pouch, Back: Modular Back

Right Center: 6 Mag Patrol w/Pistol Mags, Left Center: 6 Mag Patrol w/Pistol Mags, Right Side: PALS Webbing, Left Side: PALS Webbing, Right/Left Chest: Small Utility Pouch, Back: Integrated Hydration Carrier

Right Center: Stacker 1x1, Left Center: Right Hand Cross Draw Holster, Right Side: PALS Webbing, Left Side: PALS Webbing, Right/Left Chest: Small Utility Pouch, Back: Modular Back

Product Reviews

Write an online review and share your thoughts.
Zombie Apocalypse Rig, 22 Jan 2016
by James from Oklahoma United States

Bought one of these for myself for Christmas in 2014 with just the 4 magazine pouches permanently attached and the belt loops installed, PALS webbing everywhere else. Eventually added the hydration carrier pouch on the back, a buttpack and the vertical large GP pouches on each side of that, a IFAK on the left side, the NVG pouch for my Steiner binoculars on the left, and the small GP pouches on the chest. Eventually realized the GP pouches on the chest would get in my way when opening up the magazine pouches, so moved the GP pouches to the IFAK and binocular pouch. In place of the GP pouches, I've added a Gerber pocket knife, Mini-Maglite and some chemical lightsticks. All products are made very well, happy to see they are made in the USA. I really like this rig, and buying it one piece at a time made it both affordable and a lot of fun planning it.

Well made vest, 12 May 2015
by Jason from North Carolina United States

High quality vest. Would be better if the separate sections were connected by full width pals webbing for more space for pouches and a "skin rig" feel that goes over the body armor better. Other than that this is a great vest

EXCELLENT, 26 Sep 2013
by Thomas

Bought one of these last month and it just arrived. IT IS EXCELLENT. As with all BDS products, its very well made heavily stitched and this one was built to order and customized. The various pouches / options are permanently attached and that makes it very strong and keeps items from falling loose. I chose the molle panels for zones 3 and 4 (left and right side panels) The side adjustment straps and buckles overlap these panels but BDS has made every single loop still usable. I had another vest from a different vendor and they stitched up these loops so they were not functional. Attention to detail and quality it TOP NOTCH!


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