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BDS Tactical Modular Stacker 2 .308/7.62 Magazine Pouch

Name: BDS Tactical Modular Stacker 2 .308/7.62 Magazine Pouch
Normal Price:
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$17.50 SAVE $7.50
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Serial Number: MPS2308
Manufacturer Name: BDS Tactical

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Add Bungee Mag Retention Adapters:

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  BDS Tactical Modular Stacker 2 .308/7.62 Magazine Pouch    

The BDS Tactical Modular Stacker 2 .308/7.62 Magazine Pouch is designed to carry (2) .308/7.62 (20) round magazines. It has adjustable lids to accommodate shorter (10) round magazines also. The front and sides are covered in PALS webbing for mounting optional modular pouches.

The adjustable lid has a 1" inverted pull tab for easy access when wearing gloves and there is a large grommet on the bottom of the pouch for excellent drainage in any environment. This pouch mounts onto modular gear with our Stacker Lok modular locking system.

The pouch is available in Coyote Brown, Multi-Cam, ACU, ABU, Black, Ranger green, OD Green and Foliage Green.

Product Reviews

Write an online review and share your thoughts.
Best .308 mag on the market, 12 May 2015
by Jason from North Carolina United States

.308 mag pouches don't get better than this. Period.

308 mags, 18 Jan 2015
by Philip from Ohio United States

BDS makes awesome mag pouches I needed to add a couple more mags to my chest rig and these fit my 20 round FAL mags perfectly. Very well made and adjustable lids. They also fit my 16 round 12 gauge BDS shotgun shell pull out trays as well so if im at the range and decide to run my shotgun all I have to do is swap and that's that. Great product

7.62 Modular Stacker Magazine Pouch, 17 Sep 2014
by Donald (Rusty) Rossey from Alabama United States

I am very impressed with the attention to detail that BDS puts into these pouches and all their gear.
These pouches fill my needs perfectly for both my M1A and AR-10 rifles. they handle 20 and 25 round mags and are simple to attach to both a 'Warbelt' and to modular chest harness.Being available in multiple colors and patterns make them very versatile.
I am an "Old Marine" with many years in the field in jungle, desert and urban environments and have used gear from many companies and find BDS Tactical Gear to excel in materials, mfg. process(made in USA!)and speed of delivery.
Their staff is quick to listen and respond to personal needs.
As the owner of a company (Autauga Rifles, Inc.) I recommend BDS products to my customers and include them when requested.

Rusty Rossey

M1A Mags Or P-Mags, 05 Jul 2011
by Nick

Take your Pick this pouch works great with my M1A Mags or My Magpul P-Mags for my AR10. I've had an M1A for years and needed a good pouch to carry a couple of mags. I was very suprised that when I got my LMT 308 AR10 the P-Mags worked in the same pouch.

Very nice kit . Well made . Need khaki color., 07 Dec 2008
by Jon

BDS Tactical gear is very well made. however it would be better if I did not have to look high and low trying to find khaki color gear. The Pros: all of the PALS webing on the face and sides, made in America and the cost very easy on the wallet. The Cons: To limited on color options and need to tell how much space each pouch will take vert. and lat. Note not all SpecOps members use the same colors. I
like to use khaki. Over all I give BDS
3.5 out of 5 stars. Thanks and
De Oppresso Liber


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