• BDS Tactical Modular AK47 V-Ops Chest Rig
  • BDS Tactical Modular AK47 V-Ops Chest Rig
BDS Tactical Modular AK47 V-Ops Chest Rig
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BDS Tactical Modular AK47 V-Ops Chest Rig

BDS Tactical Modular AK47 V-Ops Chest Rig
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BDS Tactical Modular AK47 V-Ops Chest Rig
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The V-Ops AK Chest Rig is the industry's first and only completely customizable load bearing solution. Constructed by hand here in Oceanside, CA with 1000 Denier Cordura and backed by our lifetime warranty, this rugged and dependable rig can stand up to any test or mission you can find. You can create a slim-line modular rig capable of carrying any of your MOLLE compatible pouches and gear, or you can choose from tons of upgrades to build your own fully-loaded combat rig designed to keep you and your weapon system in the fight. Here's how it breaks down:

1. Color Options
Check customize yours for current color selections

2. Bib Options

Next, you'll have to decide if your rig will include our Modular Bib. Sewn onto the body of the chest rig, the bibs straps attach underneath your shoulder pads with adjustable height to maintain a low profile and sit properly during wear. Featuring a 4x3 PALS platform, the bib can accommodate chest mounted admin pouches or holsters, and also opens at the top to allow loose items to be contained in the hidden interior compartment. Further, a large loop panel allows for patches or name tapes to be attached to the bib at your discretion.

3. Center Combat Load Options

After selecting a color and bib, you can determine what type of mag load out you want to have sewn onto your rig. All combat load pouch styles have fully removable lids, and feature PALS webbing for attaching modular pouches or organizing loose small items. Further, each pouch in our "Universal Loadout can carry up to (3) 30 rd. 5.56 magazines, (2) 20 rd. .308 or 30 rd. AK magazines and a large variety of other common magazine types, all retained securely with elastic bands for a tight fit no matter the quantity. 5.56 and .308 specific V-Ops Chest Rigs are also available for purchase in our V-Ops product line.

4. Side Options

Next, you'll be able to choose from (8) different right and left hand side upgrades. Sewn-on options include Padded or Zippered GP Pouches, Medical Pouches with internal elastic storage loops, Squad Leader Admin Pouches with upgraded internal organization, SAW Drum Pouches that double as spent mag stores, and Vertical Draw Holsters, complete with bungee retention lanyards. Make up your own style or build a rig to fit unit SOPs, the choices are yours. Of course, if you choose to go without a sewn on load out, a 4x4 area of PALS webbing will be sewn onto the rig to accommodate removable MOLLE compatible modular pouches.

5. Back Options

Once you've decided upon your exterior sewn-on upgrades, choose from (4) interchangeable back options to complete your rig. Pick the Cross Back Shoulder Straps to allow for the most adjustable wear, over or without armor, or select the Modular Back to accommodate your personal hydration carrier or modular pouches. If you know you want the ability to carry larger hydration solutions, select the Integrated Hydration Carrier, designed to fit any 100 oz. Bladder, or choose the Pak Bak Hydration, capable of functioning as a rig back or a stand-alone day pack when detached from the rig. All back styles are also available for individual purchase.

6. Body Side Option

Choosing the Enhanced Body Side Upgrade will add (2) flat pockets which are ideal for MBTRs or other small handheld radios. Located on both sides of the rig, the pockets' contents are secured with bungee retention.

Resting behind the main body of the chest rig, a loop paneled kangaroo pouch contains a fully adjustable holster that allows for unimpeded access, whether or not you've chosen a bib upgrade.

7. Internal Admin Option

An internal Admin pouch can be sewn inside the zippered chest rig body to organize administrative items like maps, compasses, GPS or Wind-reading Devices, or any other miscellaneous stuff you might need on your person and not in your pack.

8. Other Accessories

We offer a number of other accessories, including Bungee Mag Retention Adapters (to exchange with your removable mag lids whenever you see fit), Butt Stock Non-slip Retention Pads, and 100 oz. Bladders. Pick whatever you need to make your rig work for you.

Product Reviews

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AK!! by mick 31 Jul 2017
I love it! Built it just the way I wanted it took 4 weeks was kept up to date the whole time! Will being building a pack next!
V-OPs Ak rig by Ernest P. from Nevada United States
30 Apr 2013
This chest rig is by far the toughest piece of gear I've ever owned, I'm sure it could survive an IED.. maybe 2. Completely double stitched and constructed of 1000D cordura this rig is exceptionally well built. I'm also sure this thing can fit nearly everybody, I'm 6'0 160lbs soaking wet and this system fits me great although if you're not wearing a PC under it and you're a skinnier kinda person you're going to have to tighten it up pretty good and secure your straps or you'll be running around w/ 3-4 extra feet of nylon blowing in the wind. All being said, this is a great rig and will last you a lifetime.
ak-47 chest rig by joseph 18 Mar 2013
just got my rig for the ak47, 100 percent happy I am 6'4 275 lbs and it fits like a glove with little adjustment it holds all my gear with vary little movement I will be buying one more vary soon I looked at other sites but I was most happy with this one there costumer service is spot on. look no further if you are looking for an AK-47 RIG
THE BEST AK-47/74 CHEST RIG ON THE MARKET!!!!!! by Laquan M from New York United States
17 Sep 2012
There are a lot of chest rigs on the market for AK's, but none as comfortable, universal and customizable as this one.Originally when i first ordered this chest rig i ordered it with the Modular back so that i can attach a water bladder, but when i received it and started to make adjustments it was extremely lose on my body. I'm not the biggest guy i am 6:3 185 pounds.i sent back the Modular back in exchange for the cross back straps, not only are they better and fit great, they are extremely comfortable. Now if you are a slim guy like myself when making the adjustments to the cross back straps there will be a lot of extra strap hanging, so just keep in mind that you will have to make some minor adjustments for that. Other then that great quality and to find out more get one.

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