• BDS Tactical Medical Tech Vest
BDS Tactical Medical Tech Vest
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BDS Tactical Medical Tech Vest

BDS Tactical Medical Tech Vest
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The BDS Tactical Medical Tech Vest is made of 1,000 denier cordura and features five specially designed medical use pouches. On the right side of the rig is a large double compartment trauma pouch that features 4 rows of elastic for organizing bandages and other supplies. On the outside of the trauma pouch is a 5" x 5" divided utility pocket for medical instruments. On the left side is a large IV Bag pouch that has a pocket on the outside for Medical Shears.  The rear sides of the rig have two more additional utility pouches for bandages and medical gear. On the center line of the vest are two magazine pouches that each hold three government issue magazines and are secured with hook and loop with fastex buckles. On the outside of each main magazine pouch are smaller pistol mag pouches. The back of the rig features a large modular 6X5 PALS Panel that can used to attach hydration bladder sleeves or other MOLLE compatible equipment. 

Optional Modular Nonslip Butt Stock Retention Pad

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Mod/ Improvement for SARC by blake from California United States
05 Nov 2008
For a SOCM/ 18D Corpsman, a vest with a higher M4 mag capacity would better suit. Since during a fight the primary concern is to stop hemorrhage and secure airway, the IV pouch could be replaced with another triple mag pouch, and then molle webbing behind that for mounting another mag pouch, smoke or MBITR. A horizontal smoke pouch on the left chest with a slot to insert trauma shears behind it would work well. the instrument pocket on the med pouch could be replaced with 2" elastic loops that could fit (3) CAT tourniquets, and the loops inside the pouch itself big enough for (3) NARP pressure dressings and (3) rolls of Kerlex, vertically. Then a seperate pocket with two small elastic loops for NPA's two loops to secure ace wrap/ coban and against the body a pouch-wide loop to organize a few chest seals. This would cover all the items that a SARC or team Witch Doctor would need during Care Under Fire and prevent him from having to remove his medbag to work on a casualty, witch would better serve to keep him in the fight. Overall you guys have great stuff, just though i'd throw this out there to make this product more applicable (therefore enticing) to SARCs and Recon Medics
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