• BDS Tactical Advanced Plate Carrier
  • BDS Tactical Advanced Plate Carrier
BDS Tactical Advanced Plate Carrier
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BDS Tactical Advanced Plate Carrier

BDS Tactical Advanced Plate Carrier
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BDS Tactical Advanced Plate Carrier

Admin Pouch Option:+

Bladder Cover Option:+

Side Plates Option:+

Retention Pad Option:+

Product Specifications

Plate Size
Holds up to 10x12 Front and Back
Mil Spec 1000d Nylon Fabric, Mil Spec Webbing,
Optional Side Plate Pouch Size
Holds Up to 6x8
Built to Order
Yes, to your chosen specifications
Country of Origin
United States of America

The BDS Tactical Advanced Plate Carrier is a modular system which gives the operator the ability to quickly customize their rig for individual mission specific needs.  The Advanced Plate Carrier starts as a stand-alone carrier with cummerbund for front and back armor plates. 

The front side of the carrier has 7 by 8 rows of PALS webbing for attaching BDS tactical gear Modular Pouches.  The top 2 rows of PALS webbing have loop fastener sewn onto the webbing for attaching ID Patches and name tapes.

The back side of the carrier also had 7 by 8 rows of PALS webbing and Loop fastener sewn to the top two rows. The back side also features a drag handle which is sewn though out the panel. The sides of the panels that sit up against the body are padded with 1/4" closed cell foam for comfort. 

The Advanced Plate Carrier has shoulder pads  with 1/2" closed cell foam and has 4 by 2 rows of PALS webbing, great for attaching our non slip butt stock retention pad or either the single or double shoulder slings. The carrier also features an attachment strap that secures from the front side to the shoulder pads to prevent the shoulder pads from rolling over.

The cummerbund system is attached to the carrier and creates the full body wrap around modular platform. Each side of the Cummerbund System has 3x10 rows of PALS webbing panels for attaching BDS Tactical Gear Modular Pouches.

On the front of the carrier attaches a Lid with Hook and Loop fastener for securing the cummerbund panels to the plate carrier. The body sides of the cummerbund panels have slots to insert optional Side Plate Pouches (sold separately).

Product Reviews

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Not Bad Gear by M. Reick from Illinois United States
23 Jul 2014
After wearing the PC, with 6 loaded staggered mags, for a few hours, the Velcro will come loose when bending over creating a good amount of noise.
I placed the pouches 1 level higher, closer to the crease (fold over).
Amazing Rig by Grimwolf from Florida United States
17 Oct 2013
I am the proud owner of many of these fine quality items from BDS. By far... This is my favorite carrier. Regardless of the pattern you choose (which only increases cool factor) This rig is flawless and fits like a carrier should. This is some outstanding gear. Don't think. Just buy it. Put it to the test and feel reassured it was money well spent.
BDS Listens to Customers to Fix problems! by Thomas 03 Sep 2013
Excellent, top notch stuff and agree with previous reviews. FYI, BDS has modified the side plate carriers and it will now perfectly fit the Current Issue Green ESBI Side plates. Nice to see that BDS takes customer reviews seriously and makes changes based on those reviews. TOP NOTCH Stuff!
Solid Plate Carrier, Great Price by TripWire from Michigan United States
23 Jan 2012
I am very happy with this vest, I got it as a gift from my wife and although it has a few issues already spoken of by other reviewers..... it's the best I've owned. I chose BDS based on word of mouth recommendations and I am now recommending them to anyone who will listen. As a contractor I deploy to all kinds of terrain and conditions and have found the vest to be tough not overly heavy or cumbersome. I won't hesitate to buy again from BDS because I know I will get quality gear and won't go broke buying it. (BTW, don't let the price fool you, this isn't some Condor airsoft crap, it's the real deal)
Very Good, but needs a few improvements by Jesse Coyne from Georgia United States
22 Jan 2011
First of all, it's BDS. Which means it's comfy, and rugged as **** That's a given.

The problems I have are:
1. The cumberbund in back does not lock into the rear plate pouch. It can move freely, allowing the rear plate pouch to drift or twist out of position and put strain on your back. It needs to have a pals flap on either side in back to allow the cummberbund to be woven into the carrier and locked into place after adjustments are made. I solved the problem with zip ties, but it needs to be an integral feature of the carrier. As a retrofit for guys like me who already bought a carrier, I think that two 2-pals-wide strips that could be woven onto the vest would be a godsend. One strip attaching to the rear plate pouch, the other to the cumberbund, with the same effect of locking it in place.

2. The side plate carriers. Despite what I was told, they are about 3/8" too narrow in circumference to accomodate standard army side plates. I am forced to tuck the plates in behind the pouches and tie them in with 550 cord. Also, the plates sit in a velcro-fastened pouch created by opening the cumberbund. The problem with velcro is that it 'travels' during the natural movement of the body, and loses it's grip when it gets full of dust. I haven't found a way around this yet. Also, the plates ride very high in the armpits, and I lose sensation in my fingers during long missions. The fix I would like to see is a one-piece cumberbund without a flap, and a separate plate pouch that pals' onto the outside of the cumberbund, allowing the wearer to adjust the height of the plate to their preference. It may mean a little extra thickness, and may cause minor issues with side-mounted pouches, but to have the comfort and durability of a BDS carrier, I would consider that a small price to pay. On the pouches themselves, if they were even 1/2" bigger around and maybe 1/2" longer, it would accomodate army pouches perfectly.

3. Every point of adjustment needs to have a way to isolate tension. The cumberbund does not. The shoulders do not. Over time, without a tension bar, the straps loosen, beginning on whichever side of the carrier bears the most weight. Simply feeding it back through the buckle doesn't work, and taping it down only lasts as long as the adhesive in the tape. Tape + a tension bar would solve things pretty much permanently.

4. The cumberbund wings have 1.5" tabs to adjust with. At the top on one side, at the bottom on the other. It's a minor thing, but I would like them better as a looped handle that runs the width of the wing. It seems like that would keep one corner of the velcro from wearing out faster than the other, and would ensure a firmer grip on the wing when adjusting.

That's all I have. Aside from those corrections, the carrier is everything I hoped it would be. BDS, if you're reading this, I volunteer to field-test any and all of the modifications I just listed. You're a great company! Keep up the good work!

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