• BDS Tactical V-OPS Plate Carrier Chest Rig
  • BDS Tactical V-OPS Plate Carrier Chest Rig
  • BDS Tactical V-OPS Plate Carrier Chest Rig
BDS Tactical V-OPS Plate Carrier Chest Rig
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BDS Tactical V-OPS Plate Carrier Chest Rig

BDS Tactical V-OPS Plate Carrier Chest Rig
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BDS Tactical V-OPS Plate Carrier Chest Rig
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BDS Tactical V-OPS Plate Carrier Chest Rig

Center Combat Load:+

Right Hand Side:+

Left Hand Side:+

Internal Option:+

Mag Retention Option:+

Side Plate Upgrade:+

Modular Admin Upgrade:+

Sling Upgrade:+

Modular Hydration Upgrade:+

Butt Stock Retention Pad:+

Product Specifications

Plate Size
Holds up to LG 10x12 Front and Back
Mil Spec 1000d Cordura, Mil Spec Webbing
Optional Side Plate Pouch Size
Holds up to 6"x8" Side Plates
Built to Order
Yes, to your chosen specifications
Country of Origin
United States of America

The V-Ops Plate Carrier Chest Rig is the industrys first and only completely customizable hybrid plate carrier. Constructed by hand here in Oceanside, CA with 1000 Denier Cordura and backed by our lifetime warranty, this rugged and dependable rig can stand up to any test or mission you can find. Combining a simple plate carriage system with a detachable and interchangeable chest rig platform, BDS Tactical is able to offer you a Plate Carrier that can accept different mission specific platforms, which can each be customized here at BDS Tactical. The chest rig platform is attached to the front of the V-Ops Plate Carrier with PALS webbing and to the rear with modular T-Handles and side release buckles (seen below) that can be adjusted for fit. 

Padded Shoulder Straps feature a 4x2 field of PALS webbing for routing hydration tubes or comm cords, and can be adjusted for fit at 4 separate points. 1" Webbing connects the shoulder straps to the body of the plate carrier at adjustable heights, allowing for increased comfort and preventing shoulder strap roll-over. 

 You can create a completely modular Plate Carrier with a detachable chest rig, capable of carrying any of your MOLLE compatible pouches and gear, or you can choose from tons of upgrades to build your own fully-loaded combat rig designed to keep you and your weapon system in the fight. Here's how it breaks down:

1. Color Options

First, choose from one of nine different color options, including A-TACS and MultiCam. 

2. Center Combat Load Options

After selecting a color, you can determine what type of mag load out, if any, you want to have sewn onto the detachable rig. With the exception of the "Patrol? style pouches, all combat load pouch styles have fully removable lids, and our "Stacker and "Platform styles feature PALS webbing for attaching modular pouches or organizing loose small items. Further, each pouch in our "Universal Loadout can carry up to (3) 30 rd. 5.56 magazines, (2) 20 rd. .308 or 30 rd. AK magazines and a large variety of other common magazine types, all retained securely with elastic bands for a tight fit no matter the quantity. AK and .308 specific V-Ops Platforms are also available for purchase in our V-Ops product line. If you choose to go without a sewn on load out, a 10x4 area of PALS webbing will be sewn onto the rig to accommodate removable MOLLE compatible modular pouches. As with all BDS Tactical 5.56 ammo pouches, these combat load upgrades were designed specifically to fit USGI mags, but will accommodate Magpul PMAGs or Troy BattleMags.  

3. Side Options

Next, you'll be able to choose from (8) different right and left hand side upgrades to your detachable rig. Sewn-on options include Padded or Zippered GP Pouches, Medical Pouches with internal elastic storage loops, Squad Leader Admin Pouches with upgraded internal organization, SAW Drum Pouches that double as spent mag stores, and Vertical Draw Holsters, complete with bungee retention lanyards. Make up your own style or build a rig to fit unit SOPs, the choices are yours. Of course, if you choose to go without a sewn on load out, a 4x4 area of PALS webbing will be sewn onto the rig to accommodate removable MOLLE compatible modular pouches.

4. Internal Admin Option

An internal Admin pouch can be sewn inside the zippered chest rig body to organize administrative items like maps, compasses, GPS or Wind-reading Devices, or any other miscellaneous stuff you might need on your person and not in your pack.

5. Side Plate Pouch Upgrade

Removable Side Plate Pouches can also be purchased. The plate accommodate up to 6"x8" Side Plates, and attach to the interior sides of the detachable chest rig in sewn on pockets lined with hook & loop. 

6. Other Accessories
We offer a number of other accessories, including Bungee Mag Retention Adapters (to exchange with your removable mag lids whenever you see fit), Butt Stock Non-slip Retention Pads, Admin Pouches, and 100 oz. Bladders. Pick whatever you need to make your rig work for you. 

7. Production 

Once you've built your rig online and place the order your rig will be shipped in 3-4 weeks or less!, you'll receive status updates throughout the entire process and our Customer Service Agents will be standing by to help out when you need us! 

custom tactical plate carrier

BDS Tactical V-OPS plate carrier chest rig 8 mag 5.56 stacker style mag pouches, right side universal holster, left side spent mag pouch. side plate pouches. configure yours today to you needs here at BDS Tactical 

Atacs plate carrier

A-Tacs plate carrier chest rig with 8 mag 5.56 combat load out, right side zippered GP, left side spent mag pouch, with side plate upgrade.

For more information about our production process and lead times click here.

Product Reviews

Write an online review and share your thoughts.
the best is an understatement!! by Michael R from North Carolina United States
15 Aug 2016
Seriously I cannot begin to explain how comfortable this rig is. BDS has definitley met, exceeded and created a new standard. Infantry requires a lot, and a comfortable and durable rig can make the difference. Ive got most of my platoon wanting to place orders now. Quality is unmatched, customer service is superb, and you guys better never go out of business because I'm a customer for life! Thank you guys. Id give 6 stars if it was an option!
The best by far! by Darren W from Missouri United States
05 Jan 2016
I just got my V-Ops plate carrier over the holidays and I can tell you that this is the best made rig I have ever owned and I have owned several. The BDS team is by far the best out there. I recommend everyone get there hands on one of these rigs.
Better than the rest but Pmags beware! by DisgustingFatbody 11 Aug 2015
I recently purchased the V ops plate carrier and found it to be the best available. While I read that its hard to clip on yourself, I just slip it over my head and problem solved.
The only complaint I have is that the patrol pouch option states 3 GI mags. Buyer beware on this point if you have P mags, only two will fit.
Otherwise, good product, and made in America.
Awesome Plate Carrier by Hector T from California United States
19 Jul 2015
This is by far the best plate carrier it fits perfect, well made and exactly how i wanted. Plenty of molle to add on other pouches. Best of all it's made here in the USA, Oceanside CA. BDS rocks
best money can buy by Chris Soto from California United States
30 Aug 2014
the bds tactical must be one of the best products have ever had....the only way to describe it is everything is perfect and everything where it needs to be. the quality and the construction of the material is flawless.
and the best thing of all its made in Oceanside California. Good bless America let's support local businesses and keep America in business. I would recommend bds tactical to anyone.

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